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Cancellation Policy

We acknowledge that occasionally, there is a need to cancel your enrolment from a

If you cannot attend, or no longer require a place, please provide notice of
cancellation at least 7 working days prior to the course start date. Failure to provide
sufficient notice will result in your being charged a cancellation fee of 50%of course
price plus admin fee. We do understand that some absences maybe due to
extenuating circumstances.

A cancellation fee will not be charged if the company nominates someone else to
attend in their place.

A cancellation fee also applies for non-attendance of part of a course if it extends for
more than one day.
Occasionally it is necessary for courses to be cancelled or rescheduled by our
company. The Course Administrator will send an email to advise you of the
cancellation and, if possible, provide a new date for the course.

We will endeavour to give at least 7 working days’ notice prior to the course start

Please email us to:
With the below information and we will do our very best to accommodate your
request for cancellations and refunds.
Course Code:
Date of Order:
Full Name:
E-mail Address:
Reason for Cancellation:

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